Our Organisation

Founded in 1982 as a translation and interpreting company, Multilingue s.r.l. has evolved over thirty years into a professional organisation subdivided into four units: translations, interpreting, training, and communication.
Each unit is led by professionals who work with skill and passion, with the aim of always delivering the very best and constantly achieving the maximum customer satisfaction.
The organisation’s growth has been fostered by the synergies between the various areas of operations and the fruitful development of technologies, know-how and quality assurance procedures.

Language Services

The Multilingue s.r.l. language services unit handles translation, interpreting and conference service projects. The team comprises project managers, localisation and IT experts, graphics and DTP specialists, copywriters, translators, terminologists and a large network of translators and interpreters.


Training operations are coordinated by the firm’s headquarters. Courses are delivered both at our two Brescia locations and at schools, partner facilities and companies’ own sites.

Multilingue holds Lombardy Region accreditation for subsidised training. The training sector team handles every aspect of training projects for individuals and corporations: analysis of needs, training and professional guidance, tutoring, skill certification and the issue of training credits.

The teaching staff are the fundamental core of the training unit. Multilingue teachers are highly qualified and specialised in the teaching of their subjects, whether languages, IT or general skills.


Multilingue s.r.l.’s consulting services relate above all to internationalisation, communications and the financial aid available for innovation, internationalisation and training activities. These contexts require a wide variety of inputs, and thus a multidisciplinary team.

Work is organised in projects, with teams specifically assembled to pursue the required objectives.